Carl Lutz (30. 3. 1895 - 12. 2. 1975) from Walzenhausen (Switzerland), was Vice Consul of Switzerland in Budapest 1942 – 1945.

During the summer of 1944, Carl Lutz saved more than 60’000 Jewish Women and Men from the Nazis by developing and distributing ‘Swiss Protective Passes’.

His moral and civic courage is a guiding example to us.

For his memory, the members of the Swiss Lodges of Bnai Brith - Augustin Keller-Loge Zürich, Loge Emond Fleg Lausanne, Loge Henry Dunant Genève, Evi und Sigi Feigel-Loge Zürich -, in association with the KKL (Switzerland), erected a memorial outlook in the Swiss Forest of the KKL, a few minutes south of Tiberias/IL. The Carl Lutz Memorial Outlook offers a place of remembrance, with a beautiful view over the Kinnereth.

The official opening of the memorial lookout shall take place on November 23rd, 2017, 14 - 15:30 h. The event is organised jointly by AKL/BnaiBrith, KKL and the Swiss Embassy in Tel Aviv. You are kindly invited to participate.

For some more information (in German) see here or write us an email.